How Good Was Stranger Things 3?!

What can I say? I honestly wasn’t too hyped up for the third season of Stranger Things as its release date got closer. I didn’t watch any trailers for it. I made some assumptions about a few things based on the Funko Pop!s that had been announced. I liked the first two seasons. What’s my deal?

Well, I boil it down to being that dude that finds it hard to like anything that gets super popular. By the time season three came around, I was already kind of burnt out on it. I knew I’d like it. I loved season one and enjoyed season two, if not quite as much. I just wasn’t too excited for season three.

On the 4th of July, I started it up anyway. I was expecting to watch one episode. Instead, I watched half the season in that first sitting. I watched the second half the next day. The recurring Day of the Dead homage was particularly great.

I really think this was the best season so far. I was complaining when I read the show was picked up through season 5 because I didn’t want it to fizzle out like The Walking Dead or so many others. I’m hopeful that they won’t push it past its prime. I’m definitely hooked again.

…and, in case you haven’t seen it. Here’s Hopper, P.I.


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